The Importance Of Undergoing Rhinoplasty

Sometimes many people consider having rhinoplasty. Sometimes the decision is difficult to make because of the fear of the risks of a surgical procedure. But the benefits of those who bet on it are not long in coming.

There are many reasons why a patient has a nose job. Many want to look better aesthetically, with more symmetrical features. At other times, there are respiratory problems that only a rhinoplasty can correct. But there are extraordinary cases, derived from accidents in daily life, which can sometimes cause serious damage to the face, and only an aesthetic operation is capable of restoring our own appearance.

The Benefits Of A Nose Job

The first thing is to know how to choose the appropriate professionals who have to perform this surgical intervention. Once in good hands, it is essential to be clear about the decision that led us to carry out this operation.This rhinoplasty expert in Miami, FL is a doctor you can trust with your nose job.

Mainly, the reason why someone ends up opting for this option is in the benefits that they will obtain after the process. Among others, there are those that will lead to improved health and self-confidence.

Congenital Asymmetries

Many patients have felt insecure when they perceive that their faces lost symmetry because they were born with a crooked nose or it felt too big. This feeling, which makes several people insecure, makes it impossible for them to maintain social relationships.

Rhinoplasty achieves the desired effect on those who undergo it. Not only does it give them self-confidence, but they feel better in social relationships, projecting to their interlocutors such a firmness that it can easily open the doors to more possibilities, for example to a successful work situation.

Respiratory Problems

There are respiratory problems due to the position of the nostrils such as sleep apnea. On many occasions, and by medical prescription, the patient is advised to undergo an operation in order to correct this.

The results, in these cases, are usually very good, returning the person to an adequate level of health. Some may fear surgery, but after the benefits the satisfaction is complete.

Recovery after an accident

There are unexpected moments that change us completely, and not only because of their psychological impact but also because of their impact on our physical appearance. People’s lives can be limited as a result of an accident.

Traffic accidents are the biggest culprits in facial deformities. Many people decide to undergo rhinoplasty to regain their previous appearance and thus turn the page of such a traumatic memory.

After the operation, it has been shown that many injured have been able to overcome certain typical psychological consequences of a traffic accident.

The benefits after a rhinoplasty are numerous. Although many times the fear of having to go into an operating room is very intense, and it may be thought that the recovery will be very long, the end and the results convince us that it is worth it.…

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How To Correct A Broad Or Globular Nasal Tip?

What does the intervention of a broad or globular nasal tip consist of?

Many patients come to the consultation seeking to correct or improve the roundness that they present in the nasal tip and that makes the nose appear wide and poorly defined. Usually the cases of globular nose are due to a birth defect or an ethnic characteristic, being more frequent in patients of ethnic groups with thick and darker skin, although they can be present in any person. Sometimes it may have a square or forked appearance.

These cases are generally characterized by thick skin where the nasal tip protrudes excessively from the face and causes an imbalance between the beginning of the septum and the nasal tip. With rhinoplasty seeks to find the balance with a tip thinner and harmonious.

There are several techniques available to the plastic surgeon to reduce a wide nasal tip, since the same problem can be solved with different approaches. You could reduce the cartilage, suture both cartilages to reduce the separation between them and thus achieve a thinner nasal tip, a combination of both, etc.

During the consultation, once the specific case has been evaluated, the surgeon will decide which of the rhinoplasty techniques will be the most effective to achieve the expected results.

If the rhinoplasty is carried out with an open technique, the plastic surgeon will have greater access to the cartilage and a broader vision, being able to work comfortably on the nasal tip more precisely. An incision is made at the base of the nose between the nostrils, called a columella. This will allow lifting the skin and the nasal musculature in its entirety to visualize the internal structures and to be able to carry out a direct remodeling, as well as the insertion of grafts if necessary. Later, the skin adapts to its new physiognomy. With this technique we will have a more pronounced inflammation and a longer postoperative period.

If instead a closed rhinoplasty technique is chosen, the plastic surgeon will intervene on the patient through the nostrils, without leaving visible scars. Being less invasive, the postoperative period is shorter, less painful, and the swelling is milder. Although it is possible to refine the tip of the nose and work the cartilage, as well as the nasal structure, it is more frequent to practice this intervention when the nose requires few modifications. The choice will depend on the complexity of each particular case and the professional assessment.

It may also be that, the modified nasal tip, symmetry and proportions of the nose and the face is affected and to maintain the balance necessary to retouch the base or back of the nose.…

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Advantages Of Open-Closed Rhinoplasty

The rhinoplasty or corrective nose surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures in cosmetic surgery for men and women and in turn is one of the most complex surgeries.

Harmonious and natural features are sought. It is necessary for the surgeon to have a special artistic ability to model, through rhinoplasty, an aesthetic and balanced nose, without ever forgetting the respiratory function. We always try to set reasonable prices.

The Objectives To Be Achieved In A Rhinoplasty Are:

  • Harmonize the nose according to the patient’s face. Shape the tip, septum and dorsum of the nose.
  • Seek natural results
  • Achieve or maintain good respiratory function
  • Respect the aesthetic wishes of the patient if possible
  • Avoid leaving traces of the surgery (stigma of the intervention)
  • Give a professional vision of the changes to be achieved in rhinoplasty

Traditionally, a closed rhinoplasty was performed in which an attempt was made to correct all the defects of the nose through internal incisions. However, in this way it is difficult to perfectly model the nasal tip and adapt it to the back, so the open rhinoplasty is performed in which the entire nasal dorsum is detached adding a scar in the lower part of the columella (central part that divides both nostrils).

Open rhinoplasty leaves a visible scar and further alters nasal skin circulation, with more postoperative inflammation. In our clinic we advocate for a newer technique that is open-closed rhinoplasty.

Advantages Of Open-Closed Rhinoplasty Over Closed (Classical) Rhinoplasty And Open Rhinoplasty:

An approach that allows the perfect view of all the structures of the nose. Both the tip and the back of the nose, which is not achieved in closed rhinoplasty. Without leaving a visible scar as in open rhinoplasty.

  • You can work on the tip and place grafts to prevent the tip from falling .
  • Invisible scar .
  • It allows to work on the depressor muscle of the tip, to improve the mobility of the tip with respect to the upper lip.
  • Very useful in secondary rhinoplasty, allowing the placement of septum or cartilage grafts of the ear.
  • It does not give as much inflammation and abnormal circulation as other techniques, because the scars are in natural folds.
  • Fewer complications than closed and open rhinoplasty.
  • Predictable and lasting results. With more than 25 years of experience.

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